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EHR Innovation

  • Physician Thoughtflow® / Workflow - centric design and implementation
  • Strategies to maximize hospital administrative - clinical staff cooperation
  • Vendor product design consulting and strategies

- improved care through strategies to minimize provider environmental disruption.


CIH views MEMS technology, in combination with innovative EHR technology, as the unquestioned future of healthcare. MEMS technology will become the direct interface in providing real-time data to EHRs and clinical providers
  • MEMS Strategies and Consulting Services provided by:
    • Leading healthcare informaticists familiar with the practice of clinical medicine and available EHR technologies
    • Leading experts on MEMS technology, manufacturing, materials, costs of production and come-to-market processes, product availability, and on-going MEMS research and product availability

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Start-up strategies, product analysis, messaging, market analysis, sizing and planning, competitive landscaping & analysis, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, preparations for capitalization & funding etc

Hospitals and EHR Stratagies

CIH offers affordable in-depth expertise, provided by physician and nurse informaticists who have led successful EHR implementation projects at hospital systems of all sizes, and thorough vendor market intelligence based on many years of experience in the healthcare industry sector.


Guidance, Strategies, Preparation, Readiness Assessment, Education and Presentations regarding:
  • ARRA ,HITECH, HIPAA, Meaningful Use, Privacy and Security compliance
  • Legal Health Records
  • Paper, Electronic and Hybrid Medical Record operations
  • Health Information Management, Electronic Document Management and Electronic Health Record System selections, operational assessments, project management, system designs

Clinical Adoption

Clinical Adoption Strategies, Readiness Assessment, Leadership, Governance, Communications, Education Strategies, Thoughtflow"; and Workflow Analysis

Thoughtflow": As clinician informaticists who have led successful implementations of clinical information systems, our advisors have the unique combination of clinical experience and informatics expertise. We know informatics and we know understand clinician "Thoughtflow" - the manner in which they access, assess, prioritize and act upon information.


DiPaola Consulting, LLC

  • Managing Director, DiPaola Consulting, LLC
  • Senior Technical Staff, The Richard Desich SMART Commercialization Center for Microsystems
  • Electromechanical, MEMS and sensor products expert with 17 years of experience
  • Research and development in design and process through a problem solving based approach
  • Technical and management support from concept to production in low to high volumes
  • Authoritative expertise in safety critical applications

Peer Consulting

Our affiliation with Peer IT implementation consulting services for shorter implementation timeframes and smoother business processes helps to maximize your return on your IT investment. Expertise includes Epic, GE Centricity® Enterprise, GE Centricity® RIS-IC and NextGen.


Our consultants and advisors of are available as featured speakers for events and conferences.

Sam Bierstock, MD, BSEE

versus Workflow - The Essential Key to Clinical Adoption

  • The "missing ingredient" in clinical information systems
  • How to engage clinicians and keep them engaged
  • Hearing the "Here's what we need" message from the trenches

The Physician Adoption Blues - and why the industry has had it "All Wrong"

  • Listening to everyone except the clinicians
  • The corporate versus the clinical view
  • Truly understanding how clinicians think

Real Time Medicine

  • The "other side" of the quality chasm - Just what are we in for?
  • The medical legal Pandora's Box

Event Entertainment with

Dr. Sam and The Managed Care Blues Band

In addition to his 30 year history in medical informatics, Dr. Sam Bierstock has had a lengthy and successful career as a professional musician and entertainer, performing in more than 40 states, featured in national media, on national television and radio, authored the song "Before You Go" ( ) in tribute to our WWII veterans and sold more than 75,000 CDs to the healthcare industry. Dr. Sam’s Physician Adoption Theme Song - "Might As Well Face It - Paper Won’t Be Here Long".

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Kelly McLendon

A nationally recognized speaker and author, Kelly represents a unique perspective on healthcare, understanding the clinical, revenue cycle and back office workflows. His expertise in healthcare software applications extends to the design of a KLAS #1 ranked application as well as extensive experience with several major vendors. He has deep knowledge and regularly speaks and writes on topics including:
  • Over 30 years of HIM (Medical Records) expertise
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security expertise
  • Legal Health Records
  • Electronic Document Management and Workflow for Healthcare
  • Scan Capture operations
  • Wide scope EHR experience
  • Paper, Electronic and Hybrid medical record (HIM) operations
  • HIM, EDM and EHR system selections, operational assessments, project management, system designs

Blackford Middleton, MD, MPH, M.Sc

  • The Value of HIT
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • EMR, PHR,etc
  • IT and Policy
  • IT and Quality, Patient Safety
  • Building IT

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